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Mordad 3 1398
July 25 2019
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Iranian startups come to light with No-Afarin scheme

- The No-Afarin scheme, developed by Iran's Information and Communication Technology Ministry to support startups, was introduced during a ceremony on Wednesday July 17, 2019. With the slogan, 'Smart Iran, brighter future', the scheme is a part of the digital economy development document and aims to create 68,000 job opportunities. -Setareh Behroozi, Tehran Times - 7/23/19

Foreign tourists arrivals in Iran surges 40.66 percent in spring

- The number of foreign visitors arriving in Iran surged 40.66 percent during spring, which corresponds to the first three months of the current Iranian calendar year, compared with the same period last year, data from the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization showed on Saturday. -Tehran Times - 7/22/19

Iran travel sector: Ups and downs since U.S. reimposed sanctions

- Last November, the Trump administration reinstated sanctions on Iran, mainly the ones that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, in order to batter Iran's economy, however, according to official data, they have so far failed to lessen foreign arrivals to the Islamic Republic. -Afshin Majlesi, Tehran Times - 7/17/19

EU Announces Strides in Iran Trade Mechanism Amid Nuclear Deal Scramble

- The European Union says talks are under way on whether a barter mechanism aimed at salvaging some trade with Iran might include oil, as Europeans scramble to ease tensions between Iran and the United States. -Lisa Bryant, VOA - 7/16/19

Iran's currency rial regains footing as government tightens controls

- Iran's national currency rial has recovered against US dollar in a first sign that new government measures to control the exchange market are paying off. Iran's rial traded a months-high against dollar at 118,000 on Tuesday afternoon local time, up more than 10 percent compared to the same time last week when traders sold each dollar for 130,000 rials. -Press TV - 7/16/19

Iran warns UK about 'consequences' of oil tanker seizure

- President Hassan Rohani warns the UK about the "consequences" of its recent seizure of an Iranian supertanker. "I remind [this] to the Britons," Rohani cautioned on Wednesday, "You are the ones initiating insecurity, and will come to realize its consequences in the future." Rohani, who was addressing a government meeting in Tehran, called the action "very juvenile, heinous, and wrongful" and "to their [Britain's] detriment," noting that all international efforts should instead be focused on ensuring maritime security. -Press TV - 7/10/19

Iran's trade with Turkey sees major leap despite sanctions

- While the U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iran have created some limitations for trade with the Western partners which led the Islamic Republic to expand economic and trade ties with its neighbors and boost non-oil exports to them, trade with the northwestern neighbor, Turkey, is growing significantly. -Mahnaz Abdi, Tehran Times - 7/10/19

Iran exported $13B worth of goods and services to Iraq

- Iran has managed to export some $13 billion worth of goods and services to neighboring Iraq in the last Iranian calendar year which ended in March 2019, a business magnate has revealed. Yahya Al Eshaq, who heads the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, said on Tuesday that the value of the Iranian export to Iraq increased by 37 percent in the 12-month period. -Press TV - 7/3/19

Seven Steps For Trump To Get U.S. Out Of The Mess Of His Own Creation

- This time the Islamic Republic of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, the IRGC, had no problem admitting, even bragging, about shooting down the most advanced and the most expensive American pilotless drone out of the skies. The ten-miles-high drone was hit by an indigenous surface-to-air missile over what the IRGC insists was Iranian airspace. -Kambiz Zarrabi - 6/26/19

Russia Calls New Iran Sanctions 'Unlawful' And 'Deliberate' Escalation By U.S.

- Russian officials continue to criticize U.S. policy towards Iran, especially new sanctions to be announced Monday by Washington. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called U.S. sanction "unlawful" Monday, and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said tightening of sanctions leads to further escalation of tensions. -Radio Farda - 6/24/19

President Xi: China to promote ties with Iran no matter what

- Chinese President Xi Jinping says Beijing will continue to promote steady development of ties with Tehran no matter how the situation changes. He made the remarks on Friday during a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit underway in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, the official Xinhua news agency said. -Press TV - 6/14/19

Iran's Haft Tappeh Workers Send Written Appeal to International Labor Organization

- A group of Haft Tappeh sugar mill workers in the city of Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, have submitted an official complaint to the International Labor Organization (ILO) about the ongoing suppression of protests there and detentions of peaceful demonstrators and journalists covering the protests. -CHRI - 6/10/19

Iran, under U.S. sanctions, a perfect travel destination for tourists

- There has been a rise in the arrival of foreign tourists to Iran as well as internal tourism by Iranians themselves after the unilateral US sanctions devalued the national currency rial, making a trans-Iranian journey very cost-effective and relatively cheap for world travelers. - 6/7/19

Russia 'In Talks With Europeans' To Be Included In Iran Trade Mechanism

- A Russian diplomat has said that Moscow is in talks with Europeans to be included in the trade mechanism created by three EU members to ease sanctions pressures on Iran. The Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizov told Interfax news agency that Russia is holding talks with European countries on being included in the INSTEX trade mechanism with Iran. -Radio Farda - 6/6/19

Iran Lawmaker Blames U.S. Sanctions For Shortage Of Medical Devices

- Iran continues to face serious problems with the import of medicines and medical equipment as a result of sanctions imposed by the U.S., according to Behrouz Bonyadi, a lawmaker who sits on the parliamentary health and treatment commission in Tehran Sanctions "have definitely affected transactions for medicine and foodstuff," he told the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) on Sunday, June 2. -Radio Farda - 6/4/19

SANCTIONS: Iran Medical Professionals Report Shortage, High Prices Of Imported Equipment

- Medical professionals in Iran say prices of imported medical equipment have risen 4 to 5 times in the last few months, Mehr news agency reported on Monday May 27. Vahid Karimi, the secretary of Iranian Radiology Association told Mehr that the price of laboratory equipment have risen up to five fold. The Iranian currency has depreciated more than fourfold in the last 18 months against major currencies, mainly due to U.S. sanctions. - 5/27/19

Chabahar Port: U.S. geopolitical interests offer Iran sanctions loophole amid mounting tension

- The Indian-backed Iranian port of Chabahar has emerged as a major loophole in a tightening military and economic noose and ever harsher U.S. sanctions that President Donald J. Trump, reluctant to be sucked into yet another war, sees as the best way to either force Tehran to its knees or achieve regime change. - 5/24/19

US grants sanctions waiver for Iraq to import energy from Iran: Official

- The US envoy to Baghdad says Washington has exempted Baghdad from some of its unilateral anti-Iran sanctions, allowing Iraq to continue importing energy from Iran. US charge d'affaires Joey Hood told reporters on Wednesday Baghdad can now buy energy from Iran, a report by Al-Alam news network said. The waiver will allow Iraq to continue buying gas and electricity from Iran. -Press TV - 5/23/19

Iran's Central Bank: Forex Reserves Remain Ample

- Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnaser Hemmati says the country's foreign exchange reserves are robust despite tightening US sanctions which seek to stem the Islamic Republic's hard currency stream. Last month, the United States demanded that buyers of Iranian oil stop purchases or face sanctions. The US reimposed sanctions in November on exports of Iranian oil after President Donald Trump last spring pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal. -Press TV - 5/22/19

Iranian Minister's Son-In-Law Accused Of Embezzling $50 million

- Mohammad Hadi Razavi - the son-in-law of Iran's labor minister, Mohammad Shariatmadari - has been charged with embezzlement and "disruption of the economy" after receiving 2.11 trillion rials (around $51m) in loans from banks, which he has failed to pay back. - 5/22/19

Iranian medical academy writes to UN about 'unjust' U.S. sanctions

- The Academy of Medical Sciences of Iran has written to the UN to complain about the illegal sanctions imposed by the US against the Iranian nation, saying the restrictive measures have adversely affected the medical treatment of Iranian patients. - 5/21/19

In Beijing, Iranian FM Zarif Calls For 'Concrete Action' To Salvage Nuclear Deal

- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has urged China, Russia, and other "partners" to take "concrete action" to safeguard a nuclear deal that the United States exited a year ago. Zarif made the call on May 17 upon arriving in Beijing where he held talks with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi. -RFE/RL - 5/17/19

New U.S. Sanctions On Iran Metals Target Jobs, Not Government Revenue

- The Trump administration has announced a new wave of sanctions on Iran's steel, aluminum and copper industries. A statement from President Trump declares, "Today's action targets Iran's revenue from the export of industrial metals-10 percent of its export economy-and puts other nations on notice that allowing Iranian steel and other metals into your ports will no longer be tolerated." -Esfandyar Batmanghelidj - 5/10/19

U.S. Targets Iranian Steel, Mining Sectors With New Sanctions

- The United States has announced new economic sanctions on Iran, targeting its steel and mining industries, as Washington tries to turn up the pressure on Tehran. The new sanctions target Iran's steel, copper, aluminum, and mining sectors, all key sources of revenue for the country. -RFE/RL - 5/9/19

Iran giving remaining signatories chance to save JCPOA: Foreign Minister Zarif

- Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says it is time for Tehran's remaining partners in the 2015 nuclear deal to uphold their end of the bargain following the US withdrawal, because Iran has provided them with a 60-day "opportunity" to salvage the landmark agreement. - 5/8/19

Iran's Currency Drops To A Seven-Month Low In Tehran's Forex Market

- Iran's currency reached its lowest level against the U.S. dollar in the past seven months, according to reports from Iran on Tuesday, May 7. Foreign exchange websites reporting virtually live on actual free market rates, say that the Iranian rial reached a low of 154,000 against the greenback. - 5/7/19

European Deal Signatories Criticize U.S. Move On Iran Nuclear, Oil Sanctions

- The European Union and the foreign ministers of Britain, France, and Germany expressed concern about the U.S. decision not to extend two waivers related to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and others regarding Tehran's oil industry. -RFE/RL - 5/6/19

Price Of Bread Jumps Threefold In Iran

- The state-run Iranian Students News Agency ISNA reported an unusual rise in the price of bread in Iran on Tuesday April 30. However, the chairman of the trade union for traditional bakers has told the agency that the rise in the price of bread is "illegal." -Radio Farda - 5/3/19

Iranians Queue Up At Gas Stations Fearing Rationing Of Gasoline

- Following a report that Iran will ration gasoline on May 2, long lines have formed outside gas stations, while an official says the timing of the move is not final. Wednesday morning, Tasnim news agency close to Iran's Revolutionary Guards reported that gasoline, at the heavily subsidized price of 20 cents per gallon, will be rationed at 16 gallons per month for each driver. Immediately after the news was published long queues formed in the streets as drivers tried to fill their tanks before rationing goes into effect. -Radio Farda - 5/2/19

Iran Oil Show 2019 hosting 106 foreign exhibitors

- The 24th Iran International, Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show 2019), which kicked off at Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds on Wednesday, is hosting 106 foreign exhibitors from 21 countries, Shana reported. - 5/2/19

Iran Officially Launches Trade Mechanism To Match Europe's INSTEX

- Iran on April 29 announced the establishment of a company designed to match a mechanism European countries have set up to facilitate trade despite U.S. sanctions. Earlier on March 20, the Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnaser Hemmati had announced that a mechanism similar to Europe's Instrument for Trade and Exchanges (INSTEX) has been registered. -Radio Farda - 4/30/19

IMF: Iran Inflation Could Reach 40 Percent Amid Sanctions

- Iran's economy is expected to shrink by six percent this year and inflation could reach 40 percent, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts, as the country copes with the impact of tighter U.S. sanctions. Washington reimposed sanctions on Iran's oil exports in November following the U.S. withdrawal from a 2015 nuclear accord. -RFE/RL - 4/29/19

Iran's Quds Force chief: Negotiations with U.S. at current situation is equal to surrender

- Qassem Soleimani, commander of the IRGC Qods Force, told a police gathering in Tehran on Monday that negotiations with the Trump administration at the current situation is equal to total surrender. "Through economic pressure the enemy wants to bring us to the negotiating table but such a negotiation would be an example of surrender; however, our people are vigilant and clever and believe that negotiation in the current conditions is pure surrender and we will not give in to such an indignity," the major general remarked. -Tehran Times - 4/29/19

Putin Says Russia Will Host Summit In August With Presidents Of Iran, Azerbaijan

- Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will meet with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Iranian President Hassan Rohani at a summit in Russia during August. Putin made the announcement to journalists in Beijing on April 26 after meeting with Aliyev on the sidelines of China's so-called Belt and Road forum - an initiative aimed at building trade and transportation infrastructure that links China with South and Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. -RFE/RL - 4/26/19

Turkey Slams US as Tensions Escalate Over Iranian Sanctions

- U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to end waivers from sanctions for countries importing Iranian oil threatens to further escalate tensions with Turkey. Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu slammed Washington's latest move. "We support an international system and multilateralism established through legal rules. The fact that a country alone disrupts this and puts pressure on everyone to comply with its decisions is damaging and jeopardizing the international legal system," Cavusoglu said at a press conference Tuesday. -Dorian Jones, VOA - 4/24/19

Locusts Hit Iran's Southern Provinces

- Iranian Plant Protection Organization (IPPO) warned on Thursday, April 18, that if the necessary budget for fighting desert locusts is not provided within two weeks, nothing could be done, and a locust breakout turns into a new crisis, alongside the flash floods. -Radio Farda - 4/22/19

President Rouhani: Floods in Iran proved 'worst historic test' for U.S.

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the recent devastating floods in Iran have proven the "worst historic test" for the Trump administration. "The U.S. regime's rulers have revealed their nature. If they were wise, they would announce suspension of sanctions because of the flood incident. In that case, the Iranian people may have believed that they [the U.S. officials] are not against them (people) when 25 provinces of the country were hit by flood," Rouhani said during a cabinet meeting. - 4/18/19

University of Tehran's 6th Startup Weekend: Sustainable Tourism

- The 6th Startup Weekend, which has adopted "Sustainable Tourism" as its focal theme, is to be hosted by the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of the University of Tehran. Organizers of the event aim to put into practice and develop ideas evolved by participants while [they are set to] teach basic concepts of entrepreneurship together with running practical workshops and promoting the spirit of team working, IRNA reported. -Tehran Times - 4/15/19

Iranian oil exports recover close to pre-sanction levels: S&P Global Platts

- Iranian exports of crude oil and condensate have surged to levels near before sanctions, surprising market observers and affording the country an important victory in a US "economic war" on Tehran. Iran exported 1.70 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil in March, the highest since October when shipments fell to 1.08 million bpd, data from shipping sources compiled by S&P Global Platts showed. -Press TV - 4/10/19

Iranians Travel Less As U.S. Dollar Rose Fourfold In One Year

- The representative of a travel trade association in Iran says that because of the fall in the value of the Iranian currency, travel abroad declined 45 percent during Norooz holidays last month. The official government IRNA news agency quoted Hormatollah Rafiei as saying that both ground and air travel declined as the U.S. dollar rose against the Iranian currency. - 4/10/19

US blocking humanitarian aid to flood-hit Iranians: FM Spokesman

- Tehran says the United States has frozen the accounts of the Iranian Red Crescent Society as part of its cruel sanctions against the Iranian people, thus preventing other countries from sending humanitarian aid to people in Iran's flood-stricken areas. - 4/3/19

Maximum Pressure On Iran Still Isn't Working

- Almost a year after President Trump reneged on U.S. commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal, there is not the slightest sign that this move is achieving the declared objective of Iran crawling back to the negotiating table to negotiate a "better deal." -Paul R. Pillar - 4/2/19

Foreign Minister Zarif says US is waging 'economic terrorism' against Iran

- Iran's foreign minister says the US is waging "economic terrorism" against the Islamic Republic by employing restrictive measures that are troubling the relief efforts targeting flood-stricken people across the country. - 4/2/19

Parliament Speaker Says Iraq Will Need To Buy Iranian Electricity For Three Years

- The speaker of Iraq's parliament wants the United States to extend a waiver that allows it to buy electricity from Iran for at least three years, saying it will take that long before the oil-rich country can manage on its own. "Hopefully, this waiver will be extended until Iraq can stand on its feet economically," speaker Muhammad al-Halbusi said on March 29 at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington. - 3/31/19

ICJ sets mid-May as deadline for US to explain measures on Iran sanctions removal

- Iran says the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has set May 15 as the deadline for the US to give detailed accounts of its measures to lift sanctions on humanitarian supplies to the country. The ICJ has informed the US of the deadline in a letter, Iranian legal representative at the ICJ Mohsen Mohebbi told IRNA on Saturday. - 3/31/19

Iran Bans Export Of Onions And Potatoes To Keep Prices Low

- The Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce has banned the export of onions and potatoes. The ban will become effective on April 4. Prices for for onions and potatoes have risen to unusual levels in the Iran in recent weeks. One kilogram of onions is now 160,000 rials (roughly $1.25), which is a high price as minimum wage earners make ends meet with around $100 per months. The ministry said the ban was imposed in order to regulate domestic markets. -Radio Farda - 3/31/19

Luxembourg court rejects US request to seize Iran assets over 9/11 attacks

- A Luxembourg court has rejected a US request to compensate victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks by seizing Iranian assets, seven years after a New York court claimed there was evidence of Iran's involvement in the incident. - 3/28/19

Iran'a Ansar Bank dismisses new 'desperate' US sanctions

- The US government has imposed new sanctions on an Iranian bank and its subsidiaries, accusing them of using front companies in three countries to evade the previous sanctions -- allegations which the lender has dismissed as "sheer lies." The US Treasury said it had targeted 25 people and firms for allegedly helping Iran's Ansar Bank evade unilateral American sanctions on the Islamic Republic. -Press TV - 3/27/19

Turkey defies US with more imports of Iranian gas

- Iran is increasing its natural gas exports to a number of countries, including Turkey which plans to raise imports from its energy-rich neighbor, a senior official says. "Based on previous agreements, Iran is currently increasing gas exports to a number of countries including Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Azerbaijan," head of the National Iranian Gas Company Hassan Montazer Torbati told IRNA. -PRESS TV - 3/26/19

Latest Report Says Annual Inflation Close To 50 Percent In Iran

- At the end of the Iranian year on March 20, inflation figures heralded a tough time ahead for ordinary Iranians, as price rises neared 50 percent in the last 12 months. From March 2018 to March 2019, goods and services became 47.5 percent more expensive, in what is the worse inflation number in the past five years, Iran Statistical Center reported on March 21. - 3/22/19

Iran's Supreme Leader likens European financial mechanism to a 'bitter joke'

- Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on Thursday likened the European financial mechanism for trade with Iran to a "bitter joke". "Europe's financial channel introduced recently is more like a bitter joke," the Khamenei remarked. -Tehran Times - 3/22/19

U.S. Extends Waiver To Allow Iraq To Buy Iranian Energy Supplies

- The United States is extending a waiver to allow Iraq to continue to buy electricity from Iran, despite sanctions imposed by Washington targeting Tehran's energy sector. The original waiver, issued in December 2017, expired on March 19. -RFE/RL - 3/20/19

Iran ranked 13th most powerful country in the world

- Iran has been ranked 13th most powerful country in the world, according to an annual ranking by U.S. News and World Report that looked at a country's political and financial influences, as well as its international and alliances, its military strength and how it acts as an international leader. - 3/18/19

Defying US sanctions, Iran inaugurates new South Pars gas field phases

- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has inaugurated four new phases of the huge offshore South Pars gas field in a move, which has been seen as a clear sign of the failure of US sanctions against the country. During an inaugural ceremony in the southern coastal city of Kangan on Sunday, Iran's president officially launched phases 13, 22, 23, and 24 of South Pars gas field, noting that despite all the US pressures on the Iranian nation, especially through the imposition of unilateral economic sanctions, Iranians remain steadfast and resistant and continue to progress. - 3/17/19

Tehran Ranks Near Bottom In Mercer's 2019 Quality of Living Report

- Western European cities dominated Mercer's 2019 Quality of Living report comparing the quality of life in cities around the world, while Tehran ranked near the bottom, at 199 out of 231 cities surveyed. Dubai (74) and Abu Dhabi (78) in the United Arab Emirates, Tel Aviv (104) in Israel, and Muscat (105) in Oman were among the cities in the Middle East that were ranked higher than Tehran. - 3/17/19

Tehran Says Renault Will Resume Operations In Iran

- Following lengthy negotiations, giant French carmaker Renault will return to Iran, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade Farshad Moqimi (Moghimi) announced March 14. Moqimi was cited by state-run media as saying that a new "mechanism" had been devised for Renault, enabling it to resume manufacturing in Iran despite U.S. sanctions targeting companies doing business in Iran. Representatives of Renault have neither confirmed nor denied the minister's statements. -Radio Farda - 3/15/19

Iran Asking Canada For Extradition Of Marjan Sheikholeslami In A Financial Case

- Iran's General Prosecutor says that Tehran has referred to Interpol the case of a woman in Canada accused in his country's petrochemicals scandal and expects extradition. The news website of Iran's Judiciary quotes Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri as saying that an arrest warrant for Marjan Sheikholeslami has been issued and sent to Interpol, and he hopes "they will cooperate". -Radio Farda - 3/14/19

U.S. Looks To Cut Iran Oil Exports '20 Percent' To Below 1 Million Barrels A Day

- Reuters on March 13 quoted two sources familiar with the matter in its report, quoting one as saying the "goal right now is to reduce Iranian oil exports to under 1 million barrels per day." The source added that the administration of President Donald Trump was concerned that if it pushed for a complete and immediate shutdown of Iran oil purchases, it would cause a large rise in prices on the world market. -RFE/RL - 3/14/19

Billions Of Dollars Involved In Two Corruption Trials In Iran

- The court has brought charges against 14 individuals, three of whom who are living abroad and are represented by their lawyers, said the prosecutor. It is still not known if the lawyers have been appointed by the suspects or the court. Tehran prosecutor Dolatabadi added that a major part of the case is about a "runaway suspect" he has named as Marjan Sheikholeslami, who has been referred to in the indictment as the main partner of Reza Hamzehlou, the prime suspect. -Radio Farda - 3/14/19

Iran overtakes Qatar in South Pars with new gas phases

- Iran on Sunday will launch four new development phases of the world's largest gas field at South Pars with a capacity to produce 112 million cubic meters per day, the Ministry of Petroleum says. President Hassan Rouhani will travel to Bushehr in the Persian Gulf to inaugurate two refineries built with $10 billion of investment. With their launch, Iran's daily gas production will surpass that of Qatar with which it shares the offshore field. -Press TV - 3/13/19

Iran: Countering Extremism Through Inclusiveness

- The Iranian government has long accused some of its neighboring states of using terrorism and insurgency to destabilize the country. There may be some truth to these accusations. But Iran's treatment of minority groups has also contributed to the rise of militancy. -Fatemeh Aman - 3/12/19

Prime Suspect In Large Corruption Case Linked To Khamenei-Led Enterprise

- Reports from Tehran say the prime suspect in the financial corruption case involving Iran's petrochemical industry is linked to a body under the aegis of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. - 3/12/19

Billionaire Iranian Football Sponsor On Trial For Financial Corruption

- The prosecutor in the corruption trial of a super-rich sponsor of major Iranian football (soccer) clubs, says one of the suspects in the case had opened 242 bank accounts within a day in his 8-year-old son's name, Iranian news agencies reported. -Radio Farda - 3/11/19

Thousands of Iranian Teachers Launch Third Strike Demanding Fair Pay, Universal Education

- Thousands of teachers went on throughout Iran for the third time in less than a year March 3-5, 2019, to demand fair pay, the release of their imprisoned colleagues and free, universal education. "The most important reason for the strike is that the government does not feel obligated to implement Article 30 of the Constitution," Javad La'l Mohammadi, an activist teacher based in the city of Mashhad, told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on March 5. -CHRI - 3/10/19

Labor Groups In Iran Ask For A Five Fold Increase In Minimum Wage

- Three independent labor groups in Iran have demanded a minimum monthly wage of 70 million rials for the coming Iranian year. Based on current free market exchange rates, the requested amount would be equal to approximately $540 monthly. - 3/8/19

Iranian Teachers Begin 4th Nationwide Strike Since October

- Iranian teachers have begun their fourth peaceful nationwide protest since October to demand better working conditions for their poorly paid profession and the release of jailed education activists. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 3/5/19

Iran Ranks Near Bottom On World Bank's Index Of Women's Equality

- Women in Iran are paid less than three-quarters of the salaries paid to their male compatriots, the World Bank said in a study published February 28. In terms of economic equality for women, Iran ranks 185 out of 187 countries included in the study, behind only Saudi Arabia and Sudan. -Radio Farda - 3/4/19

Saudi gas export plans shine new light on efforts to isolate Iran

- Saudi plans to become a major gas exporter within a decade raise questions about what the real goal of the kingdom's policy, and by extension that of the United States, is towards Iran. Officially both Saudi Arabia and the US, which last year withdrew from the 2015 international accord that curbs the Islamic republic's nuclear program and imposed harsh economic sanctions, are demanding a change of Iran's regional and defense policies rather than of its regime... -James M. Dorsey - 2/28/19

Iran, Armenia sign two economic cooperation agreements during PM visit to Tehran

- Tehran and Yerevan have signed two economic cooperation agreements during a visit by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to the Iranian capital. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and Pashinyan held talks on Wednesday and later attended a ceremony during which the two officials oversaw the inking of the agreements between the Armenian Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, and the Iranian National Standards Organization and the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zone. -Press TV - 2/27/19

Austrian nationals on tour of Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan

- A group of Austrian travelers has commenced an eight-day tour of Iran's southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province, which was once shunned by potential foreign travelers. "A group of 20 Austrian travelers arrived in the province on Saturday in order to visit historical and cultural attractions of the region," a local tourism official said, IRNA reported. -Tehran Times - 2/27/19

Women managing 400 knowledge-based companies in Iran

- Out of the total number of 4,070 knowledge-based companies working in Iran, about 400 companies are established and being managed by women, Zeinab Hamidzadeh presidential advisor for science and technology said here on Sunday. - 2/26/19

Iran forex reserves 'in best condition': Central Bank Chief

- Central Bank Governor Abdoldnaser Hemmati says Iran's foreign exchange reserves have risen in the face of US sanctions which aim to deplete them. "The foreign exchange reserves of the country are in the best condition. Not only have they not been lost but they have also rapidly grown," he said Tuesday at an annual meeting of the central bank in Tehran. -Press TV - 2/26/19

U.S. Dollar Reaches New Highs Against Iran's Currency

- The exchange rate for the U.S. dollar rose on Sunday in Iran to almost 140,000 rials, reaching its highest point in the past three months. Since early last fall, the Iranian currency had been able to hold its own at about 100,000 rials to the dollar after steep declines last year, when rial dropped to as low as 180,000 in late September against the dollar. But in the past seven days, the rial started sliding again as there is no outlook for Iran to pull itself out of a serious economic crisis. -Radio Farda - 2/25/19

Iran Arrests Beef Traders As Prices Soar To Hyperinflation Levels

- Beef prices have risen more than 90 percent in Iran in one year, according to official figures, but actual prices show a three-fold increase. As food prices soar to hyperinflation levels in Iran, authorities resort to arrests and trials of merchants, trying to slow down the process and to show the public they are confronting the crisis. -Radio Farda - 2/24/19

Afghanistan Sends First Exports To India Via Iran's Chabahar Port

- Afghanistan has sent its first exports shipment to India through Iran's strategic Chabahar Port. The port on the Indian Ocean, inaugurated in 2017, has been built largely by India and will provide a key supply route for Afghanistan while allowing India to bypass rival Pakistan to trade with Central Asia. - 2/24/19

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